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Career Lock provides education placement services for high school graduates looking to study in top colleges in all over the UK, USA and Australia. We help students realize their full potential in the right academic instutions, that will educate, inspire and prepare them for the life they wish to lead.

Since the beginning of our activity, we have built a valuable network of leading institutions that span over multiple continents. We are in constant contact with our partner institutions, and have cultivated an excellent relationship that helps us assist students from around the globe with their decision and application process. We attend education fairs and seminars oversears where we meet with our representatives and students. 

We believe in giving passionate students a real opportunity to fulfill themselves. In many cases, students are confined to their geographical region when it comes to higher education. We do not want any student to miss out on the wonderful experiences that education can provide, experiences significantly contribute to the lives of the students and of those around them.


Our services are designed to escourt our students through their decision and application process, to ensure they enroll in the univserity of their dreams. 

We provide encompassing academic counselling for students, equipping them with inside information, global perspective and analysis of their potentiality for acceptance. Together, we discuss the various institutions and degrees available. 

After choosing a list of desirable institutions, we assist applicants with filling out applications and the equivilant of UCAS forms. We receive, send and track you application, confirm acceptance and assist with enrolment. We also advise on your initial choice of courses and extra-curriculum, helping you contact all the necessary authorities.

Another main facet of our work is locating preperatory courses in leading institutions around the world to enroll the students in. This prepares the students for their college degree and gives them a taste of the college life on the campus.   

If needed, we help with applying for a Visa or Green Card.

Success Stories

“My dream was always to go to an Ivy League school in the US, but I never thought it would actually happen. Career Lock guided me through the entire process, and gave me the boost of confidence I needed. I got into several schools, and ended up going to Princeton! I had an amazing experience. I am so glad I asked Career Lock to help me with my application.”
– Martin, Mexico

“The counsellors at Career Lock helped me so much. I had didn’t know what I wanted to study, and was torn between multiple subjects. My counsellor helped me think more logically about my options, and gave me a lot of information I had no idea about. At the end of our sessions I was completely confident about my decision, and it retrospect I am still happy with what I chose to study.”

– Linda, Belgium

“I had been accepted to two schools in London, and could not make up my mind where to enroll. Career Lock found me two interesting external courses, one in each institution, and arranged a place for me as an external student. I really enjoyed both to be honest, but it still made it so much easier for me to decide where to do my degree. They also helped me choose my courses and arrange my syllabus!”

– Carolina, Argentina 

“I literally had no idea how to apply to university, not locally and definitely not abroad. I had a lot of pressure from my parents to apply, but it felt to big and vague to handle. My father found Career Lock and arranged an oppointment with a counsellor, and I have to admit it was a great idea. The counsellor really understood my dilemmas, and simplified the application process so that it did not seem so daunting. I applied with Career Lock and got accepted on my first try! I am still and uni, and even though it’s stressful, I am really pleased with my choice of degree and university.”

– Bruce, Australia  


Please contact us for any quieries you may have, we will be happy to help. 


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